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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> rescue crews make contact with a girl trapped in the we took legendary, and made it liberating. we took safe, and made it daring. we took intelligent, and made it utterly irresistible. we took the most advanced e-class ever, and made the most exciting e-class ever. the all-new e-class coupe from mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] . devastation in mexico, the frantic search for survivors. and keeping a close eye on hurricane maria. puerto rico devastated and we have the very latest track.
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hell, man. >> behind bars for more than a decade for a crime he didn't commit. how he's walking free. right now in mexico frantic searches through rubble as crews try to save people trapped under all that debris. >> it's unbelievable, but there is a glimmer of hope. rescue crews did make contact with a young girl trapped in the rubble of her school. this as the death toll stands at 225. >> in a frantic search for life rescue workers are clawing their way through the rubble of what was once a wing of an elementary school, raising their arms above their heads to silence the crowd as they listen for sounds from survivors. at least 21 children and four teachers have died there. the building pancaked as yesterday's earthquake hit. the quake sending fire
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into the sky. people scrambling into the streets. the shaking lasting for minutes. all around mexico city buildings are new in ruins. rescuers clawing through the wreckage sometimes with their bare hands. the injured carried away on stretchers, at times to makeshift hospitals right on the street looking for her sister-in-law. volunteers doing all that they can. the epicenter of that massive quake striking about 75 miles southeast of mexico city. >> i still don't feel safe. i feel like i am in after shock constantly. >> the mayor says at least 44 buildings have collapsed and nearly half of this city of millions is without power. rescue crews are dropping small devices into crevices in opens of finding survivors. make sure you stay with
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updates. crews with our sister station are on the way right now and we will bring you complete coverage in the coming days. >> we are keeping a close eye on hurricane maria. i am here with josh knight. you just got the update. >> coming in for us right now, the good news it is still a category 2, not strengthened much since that 8:00 update. i wondering if it's coming in in pieces. you can see down here hurricane maria just leaving puerto rico, but still has some islands to get past including the dominican and the bahamas. you can see the eye has moved away from puerto rico. it doesn't look super organized, but still picking up in in pe intensity. this storm has to continue turning to the north and expect to get back to category 3 strength nea
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caicos and working farther to the north. that cone puts it pretty close to the outer banks. as it moves north it does continue to weaken. more on josé and what we will see around here coming up. josh, thank you. devastating images out of puerto rico tonight. you can see roads that look more like rivers. it is the most powerful storm to strike the u.s. territory there in nearly 90 years, knocking out power to the entire island. that power may not on for months. ready to respond, live, annya lisa. >> it's around 8:45 p.m., 27 members of maryland's task force grabbed their belongings and they are heading to dover air force base. they are prepared to help anyone affect by hurricane maria, and those areas could
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puerto rico. >> i was pretty upset, sad about the situation in my country. >> christina falls waited by her phone most of the morning as her family hunkered down in puerto rico where hurricane maria made land fall early wednesday morning, as a category 4 storm. >> i talked to my grandma on the phone, she started crying. she said never in her life she experienced something like this. >> her father joseph sent her this photo and a video showing hurricane maria's strength. we talked to him over the phone about what he saw. >> it was unbelievable. >> with power out across the island joseph is relying on a generator. >> i don't know what's going to happen. >> on wednesday nightmare land task force one was ready to lend a helping hand. they responded to communities in need following hurricane harvey vea and irma.
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we have had an active season, kind of like 2005 where we had another very active hurricane season. >> so this is the maryland task force one's third deployment this hurricane season. again, as chief goldstein was saying earlier it's very busy, they are prepared to help and that's exactly what they are going to do. at this time in terms of the damage in puerto rico, because of the curfew many say it's hard to assess that. abc7 news. >> thank you. now with three devastating hurricanes and two earthquakes, we have been wondering how you can help. we have a list of organizations you can contact at he was behind bars for more than 13 years for a crime he didn't commit. lamar johnson says there were times he thought he would die in jail. tom explains what happened to
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allow johnson to walk free. >> it's hell in there. that's hell, man. i wouldn't wish that on nobody. especially an innocent man. >> lamar johnson spent 13 years behind bars. >> sometimes i would stay depressed, but i knew i had to keep fighting. . >> tuesday he could stop fighting. johnson was arrested in baltimore in 2004 for killing a man he barely knew. police were told he had a nickname and girlfriend different than la mars. >> they got the wrong name. they said you are going to spend the rest of your life p prison because we have two eyewitnesses. >> although another person ided a different man, lamar was convicted. >> it's a strong possibility i may die in prison for a crime i didn't do. >> in 2009 he wrote to the mid atlantic innocence project. >> you could just immediately tell that something had gone way wrong. >> but that didn't ma
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to free lamar. >> once someone is found guilty and convicted, it's almost like the conviction is set in concrete. >> not only was he freed, the state's attorney said sorry. he is back with his mom with plans to go to college. >> i woke up this morning and said, wow, i'm finally free. >> tom rousey, abc7 news. happening now, police believe a man who sexually assaulted a woman may be responsible for a series of break-ins nearby. at least two women say they spotted a strange man either peering into their room or peeping through a window near the university of maryland. we spoke with the house mate of one of these women this afternoon. >> he kind of stood over her while she was sleeping and touched her and she woke up screaming and the guy just ran away. >> other homes in the area mostly rented to students were burglarized. items stolen
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systems and laptops. increased patrols are in the area and they are asking anyone with information to call them right away. a second alleged victim says she was sexually assaulted by a masseuse at massage envy. both victims say these assaults happened during sessions and police want to know if there are more victims and asking anyone with information to come forwar forward. and happening now at arlington, police are looking for a man who attacked a woman on the mount vernon trail. the woman says she was running at about 12:30 on september 13th when a man grabbed her and touched her inappropriately. the attacker was a light-skinned hispanic man, clean-shaven, about 30 years old and about 200 pounds wearing khaki pants and a blue shirt. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. now a health alert out of maryland. the state department of health reporting that seven people have tested pos
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influenza. that's when swine flu is transferred to humans. each person has had close contact for pigs at the fair that tested for swine flu. >> if they have a fever and either a sore throat or cough or flu-like symptoms, we are asking them to connect with their local healthcare provider so they can be appropriated tested and treated if necessary. >> none of the seven people that have tested positive need to be hospitalized. as for the pigs, they are in quarantine. for many, dogs are a member of the family. so taking them along to dinner seems like a natural thing to do, but there is a crack down in the district and it's creating a lot of confusion tonight. tim barber live in northwest washington with a push to allow your pup out on d.c. patios. >> we talked to a lot of people were pooches who wanted to take their dogs to patios, and
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of them had no idea about these rules. so we asked officials why all of a sudden they are cracking down. journey williams picks restaurants that include his poodle. >> we have been coming here since they opened, specifically because they allow the dogs. >> but this week district health officials are cracking down on bars and restaurants that allow dogs on their patios. such as the midland's beer garden. >> it's running way for dogs than way against this change of policy. >> the business even jokingly put this closed sign on their dog house. >> i would hope there would be opportunities for at least some part of the restaurant to bring your dog because it is so nice. but i could also see it on both sides. >> some people do believe it's a health and safety issue, but pro pup people believe it should be up to the businesses. i don't see it as a problem. >> it should be depending on how they feel is
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business. >> council members are expected to bring this issue up on october 3rd. we will let you know what happens with it. reporting live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc7 news. still to come a christian college rocked by a brutal hazing incident, and tonight word that scandal may be growing. and the clock is ticking, but is the new plan to replace obamacare even worse than the previous
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. developing tonight reports of a second hazing incident tied to the wheaton college football team. the victim in the second case was a freshman, but not seriously hurt and did not file a police report. this comes as five football players, though, are charged with felonies, accused of dragging a football player out of his dorm room, duct taping his legs and trying to sexually assault him. and 7 on your side has been following potential issues with crumb rubber for a year now. parents are worried about the potential health effects of the playing surface. the city is now
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different substance to replace some athletic fields. >> what we are using is a en vie row fill. the commercial term is coated sand silica. >> engineers insist crumb rubber fields are safe. president trump has thrown his support behind the gop evident to repeal and replace obamacare, but tonight opposition to the graham cassidy bill has grown to include a former president and a bipartisan group of governors who say states will lose billions in funding. >> and all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or ack tu ariel or plain common sense rationale. it from us traits. >> there will be billions more dollars to provide health insurance coverage for those in those states who have been passed by by obamacare. >> so states can waive some protections for those with
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preexisting conditions if they provide people with, quote, adequate and affordable coverage. meanwhile special council robert mueller has asked the white house to surrender documents regarding some of the president's most controversial actions. that includes the firing of fbi direct director james comby and the dismissal of michael flynn. good news for fans, new parking may be getting easier. there is plans to add a thousand space parking deck. critics though are raising questions why add a parking garage when there is a metro station just a short walk away. >> i think it cuts down on pollution, it helps support local businesses, brings people out in the neighborhood. i don't think you can prioritize parking over nature. it may be difficult, but i don't think necessarily a garage is the answer. >> i always have to drive down a couple blocks just to
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parking space. >> it's business, because so many business, of course they don't have spaces. >> zoo records show most people drive. and a hundred days out of the year it's at capacity by midday. it would include bike racks and electric car charge stations. if you would rather ride a bike, there is a new option in the district. similar to capital bike share, but there aren't docking stations. you use a smartphone app to scan a code, press the start trip button and you are good to go. the company says it will have teams to respond to complaints about poorly parked bikes and gps tracking to discourage theft. the northern lights of course are amazing to see no matter where you are, but check out this picture released from nasa. it shows the northern lights from the international space station. how is that for a view? in this picture, it was
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over canada. just gorgeous. switching gears to weather, we are starting off here with the current look of josé. you can see now tropical storm force with winds around 60 miles per hour, and that is going to continue to churn out there in the atlantic. far enough away from us that we are not looking at much in the way of cloud cover or rain, but that might sneak back in here after this weekend. we have the tropical storm force winds grazing the coast of massachusetts. not much of an issue. it is slowly going to drift to the east and then starts to build back to the west. so this is the question mark. by sunday and into monday just how far west is it and does it bring us some additional clouds? but that would be about it. much weaker by that time, 30 mile-per-hour winds associated with what's left with josé by this weekend. overnight we are going to stay mild again, 63 to about 70 degrees. tomorrow morning may be dealing with a little bit of patchy
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that would really be about it. closer to downtown we are about 68 degrees tomorrow morning and 8:00 to 10:00 the mid 70s. some fog like we have had the last few mornings. getting out for lunch tomorrow, leaving the office, think of it more like a summer day, hanging in the mid 80s. not exactly of comfortable to be eating outside, but enjoy the sunshine and mild weather while we have it. the cooler temperatures aren't too far off. 84 annapolis, close to 86 at andrews for tomorrow's high. that puts us about seven or eight degrees above normal for this time of year. friday, cox farms in centerville is officially opening fall fest for the season through hall between. temperatures for pumpkin picking a little more summer like. saturday and into sunday we are hanging into the mid 80s, a lot of sunshine, then into monday that's when we could bring in a few extra clouds. sunday for
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georgetown starts at 11:00, temperatures feeling more like a summer festival than something during the fall. hanging into the mid 80s through the weekend and into next week. the temperatures hanging right around 83 degrees as we get into wednesday finally seeing some cooler temperatures as we work our way into the end of next week. >> all right, josh. thank you. a heads-up about sunday's concert for chore -- charlottesville, you can watch it free at home on tumbler. it will unite the city after lost month's violent rally. several big names will be up there, including justin timberlake as well as pharrell williams. that starts sunday night at 5:55. amazon is always thinking about the next greatest gadget. >> and its newest offering will make it easier for you to communicate with your home on the go.
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7 is on your side with a consumer alert from amazon. the company wants you to be able to use its home assistant outside the home, so published reports say amazon is developing smart glasses that pair with the echo so you can communicate with your home on the go. there are reports that it could be out by the end of the year, but amazon is not commenting just yet. . >> at that point you just stay home. hillary clinton's book has only been out for a week but it is already breaking records. her campaign memoir what happened sold 167,000 hard cover copies in one week. it also sold more digital copies than any book in publisher's
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>> a little sports tonight. i wonder what the redskins story of the season will be. we are looking ahead to the raiders on sunday night. but the skins' injury list is long. why the biggest concern surrounds one of their best players? we will explain next in sports.
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the nationals hope to make it two in a row versus the braves. struggling against the braves last week, but hope to make up for that tonight. it was vintage geo tonight. seven innings, three hits, two runs, eight strikeouts for the left hander. nats beat the braves 7-3 as gonzalez gets his 15th win of the season. meanwhile the redskins injury list is a long one this week. the biggest concern might be jordan reed. the tight end, he didn't practice today. he suffered a ster numb and rib injury. >> what is the plan for jordan, what is the concern there? >> the plan is
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they will healthy, and the concern he is not healthy right now. we have to wait and see how it goes. it's almost like bill bell check right there. connor hobbes has his shot stopped, but it deflects and goes up and over the head of charlie lindgreen and for the goal. that would prove to be the winner 4-2 the final. the cats are 1-1 so far in the pres
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan
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and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. . so our warm start to fall tips. >> exactly. fall force on friday, but temperatures hanging into the mid 80s for the next several days. if you are looking for that cool fall feeling, you have to wait until next week, next friday and saturday. hopefully you can enjoy the sunshine, this weekend looking great for soccer,
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pumpkins. [ laughter ] >> and apples. all ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i must say that jimmy kimmel is much better at getting out the message about health care than the democrats are. >> well, that's a real problem. from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." kyra sedgwick. adam scott. music from judah and the lion. and now, above all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody. welcome, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for watching.


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